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dB Decibel Meter - sound level measurement tool app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 6304 ratings )
Utilities Productivity
Developer: Elena Polyanskaya
1.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Oct 2015
App size: 27.07 Mb

dB Meter in your pocket.

Sound level meter with exclusive accuracy of measurements. Calibrated with professional high-precision decibel meter.

Please note that dB Meter - lux decibel measurement tool app is not a replacement for a professional device and should be used for private purposes only. It provides a simple way to measure audio volumes in your environment.


- Full support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

- Unique and attractive design.

- Exclusive simplicity and convenience of use .

- Highly accurate measurements.

Please note the maximum measurement level in the app is limited to 120 dB.

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DB Chart
150-160 dB = Eardrum rupture

140 decibel = Aircraft carrier deck.

130 dB = Jet take-off (100 meters), gun blast at close range.

120 dB= Human pain threshold, loud rock concert.

110 decibel = Serious hearing damage if sustained for more than 1 hour.

100 dB = Serious hearing damage if sustained for more than 8 hours.

90 decibel = Likely hearing damage if sustained for more than 8 hours.

80 decibel = Potential but unlikely hearing damage if sustained for more than 8 hours.

70 dB = Just annoying, but probably safe.

60 dB= Typical conversational volume.

50 dB = A quiet, library conversation.

40 decibel = A whisper.

30 dB= Barely audible sound.

20 decibel= Threshold of human hearing.

Pros and cons of dB Decibel Meter - sound level measurement tool app for iPhone and iPad

dB Decibel Meter - sound level measurement tool app good for

Seems to work very well. After testing, it picks up my alarm clock ticking noise which is about five feet away from the position of the phone. Short ticks are 36 DB and long tick is 37 DB. Seems about right to me.
This is a wonderful app with professional sound level meter. It is easy to use. I will keep it on my phone.
I gotta say this app is quite useful. The db measurement is really accurate. Plus, the UI style of this app is really great, the developers taste is quite good. And I have recommended this app to some of my friends, so far they all like it. Nice job developers.
It helps me a lot. I like the simple interface and it runs well on my phone.
Precision decibel meter, i use it often to measure the noise level in my rooms and surroundings to get a sense, for normal day to day use, i highly recommend this one.
I have been practising the piano.I dont mind the noise during the day.But I need this application,It might help to lower the volume.

Some bad moments

very space intensive, collects data with every measurement... why???
The a, b, c scales are completely off and are not consistent while measuring the exact same 1kHz tone.
Actual size of the app is about 22mb but after using several times it becomes more than 150mb, why?
Absolutely garbage I want a refund if I could give zero stars I would have at least 25-30 decibals off
I downloaded this to use with one of my students who is working on controlling her vocal volume. In a completely silent room, the app read 70 db. Its a piece of junk. Dont waste your money.
This is a professional measuring decibel application. The unique design. Simple, easy to carry. I can be anywhere measuring decibel surroundings.

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